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convex adj : curving or bulging outward [syn: bulging] [ant: concave]

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From convexus, arched


  • (UK) /ˈkɒnvɛks/, /"kQnvEks/
  • (US) /ˈkɑnvɛks/, /"kAnvEks/


  1. curved or bowed outward like the outside of a bowl
  2. (not comparable) (Of a set of points) such that for any two points in the set, every point between those two points is also in the set
  3. (not comparable) (of a real-valued function on the reals) such that the value at any point, is no larger than the interpolated value thereat, based on the values at any two points between which the first point is contained



curved or cowed

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The word convex means curving out or bulging outward.
Convex or convexity may refer to:
  • Bond convexity, a measure of the sensitivity of the price of a bond to changes in interest rates
Proper names:
  • Convex Computer, a company that produced a number of vector supercomputers, bought by HP in 1995

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